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Why do i need Branded clothing for my Company?

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There are many thousands if not millions of workers in our country and worldwide that wear some kind of uniform of corporate clothing every working day. Not every business choose to make their staff wear something with their logo on or indeed something formal, there are a many reasons why business's should invest in some form of corporate wear for their staff members. Very often, it is about creating or maintaining a professional image. Well thought out and designed corporate clothing can really help to make your business stand out from the crowd, and give it some kudos From a...

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So you think you need a Zap Badge?

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Your mate has one, you have seen them on daysacks and bergens on exercise or maybe on photos of guys on Ops. So why not get one yourself, yes why not? Firstly, why do you need a Zap badge? Ok, so what info does a zapbadge have on it? Well the basic ones have your Zap No, Blood Group & Rank. What is a Zap No? Your Zap number is the Ministry of defences way of identifying you without using your full name or number. Why do they want to do that you ask? Well imagine you were in theatre...

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