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So you think you need a Zap Badge?

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Your mate has one, you have seen them on daysacks and bergens on exercise or maybe on photos of guys on Ops. So why not get one yourself, yes why not?

Firstly, why do you need a Zap badge? Ok, so what info does a zapbadge have on it? Well the basic ones have your Zap No, Blood Group & Rank.

What is a Zap No?

Your Zap number is the Ministry of defences way of identifying you without using your full name or number. Why do they want to do that you ask? Well imagine you were in theatre and got wounded or killed, and they gave out your details in clear over the radio, the enemy hears this and uses it as propaganda, maybe even alerting your loved ones before the official channels, sounds far fetched, it might be, but then again it also might just be possible.

What does your Zap No consist of? I thought everyone knew, but we have seen it all here at GM Supplies. Your Zap No simply is made up from your first 2 letters of your surname, in my instance BL and the last four of your military No, for me it was 9202, so my Zap No is BL9202.

Ok, what is next, quite commonly it is your Blood Group, the original thinking was that it would give anyone treating you on the battlefield or exercise a quick indication as to your blood group, i have been told in reality the medics do not generally take any notice of it.

Some people also have their rank on their Zap Badge, so that others can clearly see what position you might hold in the unit. If you have your rank on the badge, then when you get promoted, you will need another badge making up, that's good for me, but more money for you.

The last standard item to go on your Zap badge is your Country Flag, in our case it is the Union Flag, but we have done a whole variety of country flags. These can be in full Country colours or if you want to be uber tactical, then subdued, just remember if your flag consists of just 3 stripes etc, then if we subdue the colours, you will possibly lose your countries identity.

This are standard Zap badge layouts from us, with and without a Country Flag.


We can also offer personalised and custom Zap badges, these can include a Unit TRF, or we have even done cap badges, (extra set-up charges will apply for these). We have supplied many units with specific badges for them with their TRF as you can see in the example below, these have the Staffordshire knot embroidered on them and were made specifically for 3 Mercian for one of their deployments. Also shown below is a badge we did for the Rifles when they deployed on Herrick.


From what i understand, the Army didn't like the troops having them, but accepted that they would be worn and as a consequence placed a unit order to ensure that all troops had the same style badges, so that it was uniform, and we all know how the forces love uniformity.

All in all though, Zap badges are great to help you easily identify your kit, and to help you remember your vital info.


We have made Zap badges for Army Cadets, who have their surname instead of a military No, a good way to identify your kit. We also supply custom badges for airsoft and paintball units, but we can talk about them next time.

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