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The Embroidery Process

What is Machine Embroidery?


Machine embroidery is the process by which designs are sewn onto an item by means of a computer and an embroidery machine.  Patterns are loaded onto the machines using specialist embroidery software.  We use multiple needle machines which ensure that your designs are exactly the same each time that they are produced, unlike single colour single needle machines, which rely on the operator to ensure complete synchronicity each time the design is reproduced.

How does machine embroidery work?

  1. The design is emailed in by the customer
  2. The design is digitized and uploaded to the embroidery machine
  3. The thread colours are then programmed into the embroidery machine
  4. The garment to be embroidered is placed in a hoop to hold the cloth taut and stable, special backing paper is also used to give a more stable platform
  5. Once the garment is embroidered, it is removed from the hoop and the backing paper removed, the hoop will leave a slight mark, once the item has been washed and ironed a couple of times, this disappears completely
  6. The garment is then checked, folded and packed ready to send out to the customer