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SorboSkin Blister Plasters

SorboSkin Blister Plasters


Product Description

SorboSkin Blister Plasters

Acts like a second skin providing instant pain and pessure relief. Use to treat and prevent blisters. Blisters are caused by heat generated from friction of the foot against the sock or shoe.

Constant repetitive rubbing causes friction burns. SorboSkin blister plasters protect the blister from further damage and reduce pain.

The outer layer is thinner than most similar products making it stick to the skin more effectively - even when wet!

Prevention is better than cure and applying SorboSkin blister plasters to sensitive areas or hot spots is the best way of avoiding uneccessary pain.


They come in a pack of 6 plasters of 3 different sizes to suit different areas of the foot.

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